Industrial Gas Supply

Significantly reduce your nitrogen gas costs

Purity Gas offers a complete line of industrial and food grade gases in pressurized cylinders, bulk packs and 240L liquid cylinders. Our supply philosophy is built on cost effectiveness, simplicity and efficiency. Our complete line of gases and supply formats can be found below.

  • Nitrogen gas generation systems
  • Pressurized gas cylinders
  • 16-cylinder manifold ‘bulk packs’
  • Liquid nitrogen cylinders
  • Pressurized gas cylinders
  • 16-cylinder manifold ‘bulk packs’
  • Liquid argon cylinders
  • Pressurized gas cylinders
  • 16-cylinder manifold ‘bulk packs’
Carbon Dioxide
  • Pressurized gas cylinders
  • 16-cylinder manifold ‘bulk packs’
  • Liquid CO2 cylinders
  • Pressurized gas cylinders
  • 16-cylinder manifold ‘bulk packs’
  • Liquid oxygen cylinder
  • Pressurized gas cylinders
  • 16-cylinder manifold ‘bulk packs’
  • Pressurized gas cylinders
  • 16-cylinder manifold ‘bulk packs
  • Purity offers a complete line of standard and custom welding, laser and food gas mixtures, for virtually any application. Please contact us for more information on your specific requirements.
  • Pressurized gas cylinders
  • 16-cylinder manifold ‘bulk packs’

In addition to the price of gas, Purity Gas offers flat rate delivery and monthly cylinder rental. We choose not to complicate the supply process with the countless surcharges that customers have become accustomed to.


On-site nitrogen gas generation is being adopted at a rapid rate globally, particularly in the manufacturing industry where margins are thin and companies are seeking new technologies to reduce overhead costs. Nitrogen accounts for 78% of the air we breath, making it the most plentiful segment of all air gases. Due to the abundance of nitrogen found in air, it is often more cost effective for users to generate their own supply of nitrogen, rather than purchasing it from a bulk gas supplier.

Bulk gas suppliers require tremendous infrastructure and expense to produce and deliver nitrogen gas to their customers. After a half billion dollar air separation plant has been erected, the air gases are separated using an electrically intensive and costly process called fractional distillation. Fractional distillation requires multiple stages of cooling, separation and filtration to produce and store liquid nitrogen below -196°C. Once the nitrogen has been separated, it is transported to the end user’s facility where it is stored. Most often, the liquid nitrogen is evaporated back to its gaseous state for process use. The many expenses required to run an air separation plant and transport liquid nitrogen are what present such a costly per unit price to the end user.

* Typical range in cost of various types of conventional sources of gas supply in the North Aerican marketplace

Single Cylinder (most expensive)
$3.00 – $15.00 per M3

Liquid Dewar (more expensive)
$1.50 – $3.00 per M3

Liquid Bulk Tank (expensive)
$0.20 – $1.50 per M3

On site Nitrogen Generation
$0.01 – $0.09 per M3

Nitrogen gas is all around us and makes up 78% of the atmospheric air that we breathe. Our technology uses a compressed air line and carbon molecular sieve (CMS) to separate and concentrate the nitrogen molecules in the air, resulting in a stable & reliable output of nitrogen gas. The process is on-demand, meaning you can generate as much or as little nitrogen gas as you require at any given time.

Generating your own supply of nitrogen can result in massive financial savings for the end user.  Purity Gas empowers customers to produce and store their own supply of Nitrogen Gas, one of the most widely used process gasses in the world. We design and deliver cutting edge technology solutions that typically offer a payback period of 6 to 18 months and a 90% reduction in annual nitrogen expenses.

Nitrogen is not created. It is simply separated and concentrated from the air we breathe. Whether you purchase your nitrogen from a gas company, or whether you generate your own supply, you are acquiring the same nitrogen molecules for your process. Purity Gas nitrogen generation systems are engineered to deliver a constant supply of nitrogen at the exact purity your application requires, ranging from 95% to 99.999%.

The fractional distillation process, maintaining the nitrogen in liquid form at 196°C, and then transporting the liquid nitrogen via transport truck to customer sites are all massively energy intensive and all contributing to your company’s carbon footprint. In a modern manufacturing world, reducing carbon footprint & emissions for many companies is as important as reducing overhead dollars. Purity Gas works with companies to achieve both simultaneously.

When purchased in bulk liquid form, nitrogen gas is at a temperature of around -196°C, which is cold enough to cause serious injury to anyone exposed to the liquid. Alternatively, purchasing nitrogen gas in cylinder form typically means moving and storing cylinders pressurized at over 3,000psi. Exposure to an accident or equipment malfunction can result in a catastrophic outcome. Generating your own nitrogen gas supply in-house eliminates the risks associated with liquid and high-pressure cylinder handling.

Purchasing nitrogen from the big gas companies typically requires long term, unfavorable supply contracts. Unlike most of your utilities (electricity, water and natural gas to name a few), you actually have the ability to control the costs & efficiency of your nitrogen gas supply. Producing your own supply of nitrogen makes the gas contract a thing of the past for your business.

  • Expensive
  • Delays in delivery
  • Varying costs
  • Waste – evaporation of liquid
  • Waste – unusable cylinder balance
  • Safety – handling liquid nitrogen @ -196C
  • Safety – handling cylinders
  • Equipment freezing curing operation
  • Restrictive & long term contracts
  • Ongoing administrative demand due to frequent orders and invoices
  • No end in site
  • Rapid return on investment
  • Low operating costs
  • Custom purity for each application
  • On demand nitrogen production
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Safe and Reliable
  • Easy to install and maintain
  • No price increases
  • Eliminate losses associated with liquid evaporation
  • Eliminate losses associated with unused cylinder balance
  • Eliminate long-term, restrictive contracts
  • Eliminate numerous surcharges – fuel, delivery, handling, hazmat, etc.
  • No price increases
  • Fits any application