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The metal fabrication and processing industry relies heavily on nitrogen gas to ensure processed materials receive an oxidation free finish, with uncompromising integrity.

On-site nitrogen gas generation is an excellent choice for laser cutting operations seeking a flawless, oxidation free cut at the lowest possible price. Fiber and CO2 laser cutting is one of the most common and heavily requested applications for nitrogen gas generation, specifically when working with stainless steel, aluminum and carbon steel. Whether applying nitrogen as an assist gas, for beampath purge, or as a resonator gas, converting to nitrogen generation can offer substantial savings due to the demanding flow, pressure and purity requirements required for laser cutting.

In plasma cutting applications, nitrogen is used as a pierce gas, prior to converting to oxygen as an assist gas. Pressuring the cutting head during torch ignition can result in extending the service life of costly plasma cutting consumable parts.

Nitrogen is used in heat treating applications to remove oxygen from the furnace. Using nitrogen to create an inert environment will eliminate oxidation and a poorly finished product. Understanding the allowable oxygen content for each furnace model and material being processed is important when determining the appropriate purity.

In aluminum degassing, nitrogen is sparged through molten aluminum to remove hydrogen and associated impurities from the metal. Aluminum degassing can eliminate weak points and inclusions in finished products.


A well engineered nitrogen gas generation system for laser cutting, plasma cutting, heat treating and aluminum degassing can result in a 90% cost reduction over bulk liquid or cylinder supply.


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