PureAire Oxygen Deficiency Monitors

  PureAire Oxygen Deficiency Monitors Did you know that many of the standard lab and industrial gases you’re using every day are classified as simple asphyxiants? That they can cause serious injury or death if a leak were to go unnoticed? If you’re utilizing inert gases within your facility, including nitrogen, CO2, argon, helium or…


Purity Gas accepted into Haltech Tech Accelerator Program

L to R (above): Kevin Ming, PhD (Manager, Venture Development & Innovation, Haltech), Alan Hopkins (COO, Purity Gas Inc), Chris Styles (CEO, Purity Gas Inc), Wayne Maddever, PhD (Entrepreneur in Residence, Haltech) Haltech’s HEAT accelerator program assists Halton-based tech startup companies with support & mentorship services to ‘fast track’ their growth into successful technology companies. Haltech’s mission…


Nitrogen Generation for Plasma Cutting

Nitrogen Generation for Plasma Cutting Today we completed the installation & start up of a new 1,000 CFH (28 M3H) nitrogen (N2) generation system for a customer in Brampton, Ontario. N2 is used as an assist gas when firing up their plasma cutting machines. Each time the plasma cutting torch is ignited, it’s pressurized with…


Significant Savings with Nitrogen Generation

If you’re buying your nitrogen in liquid or pressurized cylinder form, you owe it to your business to inquire about what kind of savings could be achieved with a nitrogen generation system from Purity Gas. Here are two real life examples we’ve come across in the field just this week alone: Customer 1: Metal fabricator,…


Hello, welcome to the new home of Purity Gas!

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