Nitrogen Generation for Plasma Cutting

Nitrogen Generation for Plasma Cutting

Nitrogen Generation For Plasma Cutting


Today we completed the installation & start up of a new 1,000 CFH (28 M3H) nitrogen (N2) generation system for a customer in Brampton, Ontario. N2 is used as an assist gas when firing up their plasma cutting machines. Each time the plasma cutting torch is ignited, it’s pressurized with N2 which reduces the heat and energy released by the ignition. As a result, this reduces wear and tear and the life of the cutting head is increased. This is critically important, due to the cost of replacement cutting heads.


Up until today, the customer had been purchasing bulk N2 from one of the big gas companies for $1.89 per M3. Consequently, they’ve been spending over $5,000.00 per month on delivered N2 and it’s been that way since 1996.


Today the customer had the pleasure of closing the valve on the liquid nitrogen tank once and for all. With the push of a button, the customer’s monthly nitrogen gas costs will drop from $5,000.00 per month to $500.00 per month. That’s $54,000 per year that the company can now re-invest to improve their business further.


Purity Gas managed the entire project, beginning to end. We developed the business case, oversaw all installation requirements, and ensured the project met deadline, budget and performance expectations. As a result, the process was seamless.


We’re proud that our technology and expertise provides real value to Canadian businesses. It’s not about selling nitrogen generation systems; our passion is selling sustainability, operational efficiency and continuous improvement. We’re just using nitrogen generators to do it.


We invite you to share in our passion; let’s achieve great things together. Email us at to open the conversation, or fill out our contact form here.


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