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PureAire Oxygen Monitoring Systems

If you’re using any type of inert gas within your facility, including nitrogen, argon, helium and others, it’s critical that you have an oxygen deficiency alarm system in place.

Inert gases, in liquid and gaseous form, have the ability to quickly displace oxygen in the event of a leak or spill. As inert gases are colorless and odorless, there is no way to know if a leak or spill has occurred unless you are actively monitoring the ambient oxygen content. Unfortunately, inert gas accidents resulting in death or serious injury are not a rare occurrence in Ontario or Canada.

In many parts of the USA, building and fire codes mandate that oxygen deficiency monitors must be installed in areas where inert gases are used or stored. Unfortunately, we have not yet seen mandated use of them here in Ontario or Canada, and therefore we continue to read about industrial workplace accidents and deaths attributed to low oxygen conditions.

To compliment our nitrogen gas generation systems and industrial gas supply business, Purity Gas offers the complete line of PureAire oxygen deficiency monitors. 100% designed, built and tested in the USA, PureAire’s oxygen deficiency monitors are the highest quality and highest performing product on the market.

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Unlike most oxygen deficiency monitors & alarms, PureAire utilizes zirconia oxygen sensor cells instead of electro-chemical units. Electro-chemical sensors are consumable, and require calibration every three months by a skilled technician with specialized testing gas, and require complete replacement typically every 12 months.

Zirconia cells require ZERO maintenance, calibration or testing and they have an average working life span of 10+ years. There are no after-sale services or consumables required. The up-front difference in purchase price is typically recovered in less than one year compared to the electro-chemical sensor alternatives.

Purity Gas carries the following PureAire oxygen deficiency monitors in stock for Canadian distribution:

Dual O2/CO2 Monitor

This duel sensor monitor is designed for use in areas containing Helium, Argon, and/or Nitrogen, that contain CO2 as well.

Sample Draw Oxygen Monitor

Our Air Check O2 sample draw monitor is a specialized version of our oxygen deficiency monitor perfect for situations where the monitor cannot physically be in the concerning area.

Water Resistant Oxygen Monitor

The water resistant monitor is a specialized version of our sample draw monitor, perfect for situations where the monitor may be exposed to water or wash downs.

Glove Box Oxygen Monitor

The glove box monitor monitor is designed for use in semiconductors, clean rooms, and laboratories using glove boxes or small chambers

All PureAire monitors have integrated 90dB audible alarms, and 4-20mA outputs for connection to building systems.

Additional accessories also available.

110v power supply

plug power

Remote LED horn & strobe alarm

horn and strobe

Remote LCD display

remote display

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