Dual O2/CO2 Monitor
Dual O2/CO2 Monitor
Dual O2/CO2 Monitor

Product Summary

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This duel sensor monitor is designed for use in areas containing Helium, Argon, and/or Nitrogen, that contain CO2 as well. It includes all of the top of the line features of our air check oxygen deficiency monitor, though it monitors the level of CO2 in the room as well. It is ideal for use in environments such as breweries, beverage or other bottling plants, pharmaceutical manufacturing facilities, or grow rooms. This monitor contains a 10+ year zirconium oxide sensor.

  • No maintenance zirconium O2 cell and long-life CO2 sensor
  • No calibration required for oxygen
  • Self-calibrating CO2 sensor
  • Local backlit concentration display
  • Built-in audible horn
  • Built-in visual LED alarm indicators
  • Alarm level 1 and 2 for O2 and CO2
  • No drift due to environmental or temperature changes
  • 3 year warranty

Long Lasting Zirconium Sensor

PureAire Monitoring System’s Dual O2/CO2 Monitor provides continuous monitoring of oxygen and carbon dioxide. This monitor is ideal for use in confined spaces where low oxygen concentrations could pose a health hazard, from nitrogen gas storage sites to carbon dioxide beverage gas distribution areas.

While many O2/CO2 monitors rely on electrochemical sensor cells, PureAire developed its Dual O2/CO2 Monitor with a zirconium oxide and NDIR cell. This cell is impermeable to changing barometric pressure, storms, temperatures, and humidity, for reliable performance across a range of atmospheric conditions. While other units require quarterly calibration and periodic maintenance, PureAire’s Dual O2/CO2 Monitor needs no maintenance or calibration once installed. If you seek an O2/CO2 monitor that you can plug in, leave alone, and rely on to monitor oxygen and carbon dioxide levels, try PureAire.

Sampling Method & RangeDiffusion, 0-25% O2, 0-10,000ppm CO2
Accuracy± 1% of full scale
Operating Temperature-0 to + 55 C
Display¾” backlit LCD digital display
Sensor TypeLong life zirconium oxide sensor for O2 and NDIR for CO2
Alarm indicatorsBuilt-in Audible 90dB horn, Orange LED alarm indicator for CO2, Red LED alarm indicator for O2
Signal OutputsOne user adjustable Alarm relay for Oxygen, One user adjustable Alarm relay for CO2. Relays are rated 2 amp 24VDC / 24VAC
Analog OutputAnalog 4-20mA output, selectable for either Oxygen or CO2. Optional 0-5 VDC output for CO2.
Power Requirements24VDC 350mA
Dimensions6.5 (W) x 4.5 (H) x 3.25 (D) inches; (165.1 mm x 114.3 mm x 82.5 mm)
Weight1.6 lbs. (.8 kg)
Required calibrationNone for Oxygen. None for CO2 when Auto Cal function is activated.
No Calibration Required

Unlike other oxygen monitors, PureAire’s Dual O2/CO2 Monitor does not require quarterly calibration. The earth provides calibrated oxygen to challenge the Dual O2/CO2 Monitor to 20.9 percent oxygen and 400 ppm CO2 under ambient conditions. On a weekly basis, the monitor automatically recalibrates to the ambient CO2 level for reliable performance. The monitor needs no adjustments and no maintenance once installed, for truly maintenance-free O2/CO2 detection.

Plug & Play Setup

PureAire’s Dual O2/CO2 Monitor is ready to work the moment you take it out of the box and mount it. All you need to do is remove the unit, mount it to a wall or another surface, and connect the power supply to a socket. The monitor takes four minutes to start up, then begins operating automatically. Once set up, the Dual O2/CO2 Monitor provides non-stop, unattended leak detection for years. Our bumper-to-bumper warranty makes the Duel O2/CO2 Monitor the last monitor you’ll ever need to purchase.

PureAire’s Dual O2/CO2 Monitor Installations

PureAire’s Dual O2/CO2 Monitor is ideal for a range of installations. Place one in restaurants, fast food outlets, bars, and anywhere that N2 and CO2 are used to dispense carbonated beverages. Or use it in an agricultural grow room, laboratory, or other place where inert gases could pose a health hazard if a leak occurs. PureAire’s Dual O2/CO2 Monitor never drifts or loses sensitivity when weather, barometric pressure, or temperature changes, so you can rely on it to work properly at all times.

Dual O2/CO2 Monitor Control Features

PureAire’s Dual O2/CO2 Monitor comes with user-selectable relays that connect to on-off valves, which control CO2 injection and simultaneously activate alarms when oxygen levels fall below the OSHA threshold. The oxygen sensor can also check carbon dioxide levels and control nitrogen generators in hypobaric rooms. PureAire’s Dual O2/CO2 Monitor features an inexpensive monitor that has a local display, separate controls for oxygen and carbon dioxide, safety alarms, and a built-in CPU.

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