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Product Summary

Item # 99097

This is a specialized monitor for use in a vacuum environment, 3D printer, nitrogen sample line, nitrogen generator, cryogenic enclosures, or gas line. Our 10+ year zirconium oxide sensor can be mounted inside the vacuum and the monitor is either connected via KF25 flange. Sensor is connected using a 10ft cable for easy placement.

  • Monitors in Partial Vacuum (300 torr)
  • 0-1000ppm Oxygen Sensor
  • Two-Alarm Relays
  • No Maintenance Required
  • Digital Display, 4-20mA Analog Output
  • No Drift due to Thunderstorms or barometric pressure changes
  • Wall mounting brackets and optional plug-in wall power supply
  • UL, C UL and CE Approvals

The Trace Oxygen Monitor, which measures oxygen from 0-1000 ppm, is intended for use in a vacuum. Settings where we recommend this particular PureAire oxygen monitor include 3D printers, cryogenic enclosures, gas lines, nitrogen sample lines, and nitrogen generators.

The Trace Oxygen Monitor comes with a 10 foot cable and 10+ year zirconium oxide sensor, which can be placed inside the vacuum for accurate readings. To monitor readings from outside, either connect the sensor using a 10 foot cable or K25 flange, then check readings and adjust the environment as necessary.

Long Lasting Zirconium Sensor

PureAire’s Trace Oxygen Monitor can be used indoors or outdoors. Regardless of humidity, barometric pressure, or temperature changes, the oxygen monitor performs reliably to safeguard your business. Even with a high electromagnetic field, this monitor can provide stable, accurate readings.

PureAire’s oxygen monitors use a zirconium cell rather than an electrochemical sensor for increased reliability and longer-lasting performance. The zirconium sensor lasts for as long as 10 years with no calibration. Additionally, the zirconium sensor is very fast. In seconds, it can detect low oxygen conditions and sound an alarm to notify staff of low oxygen levels.

A KF type vacuum fitting lets you mount the sensor directly into the vacuum chamber or into the load locks. By monitoring oxygen levels inside the vacuum, the Trace Oxygen Monitor improves thru put, since there’s no need to use an ambient environment as a medium for measuring oxygen levels.

Rather than disposable sensors, which must be calibrated regularly to perform up to specifications, the Trace Oxygen Monitor saves time and money. Within three years, the sensor will pay for itself. Customers enjoy an average savings of $475 per year by installing the Trace Oxygen Monitor instead of another product.

Sampling MethodDiffusion Oxygen Monitor (Supplied with KF 25 Fitting)
Gases DetectedOxygen (O2)
Range0-1000ppm oxygen
Accuracy± 50 ppm
Operating Temperature-40 to +50 ºC
Display3/4″ LCD Digital Display, Back Lit, 3 Alarms LED´s
Sensor TypeLong life zirconium oxide sensor cell
Sensor LifeTBD
Signal Outputs4-20 mA Analog Output Dual Level Alarm Relay Contacts
Power Requirements24 VDC
250 mA
Width5.0 in
127 mm
Height5.5 in
140 mm
Connects to DCS and PLC Controls

The Trace Oxygen Monitor transmits readings directly to a distributive control system or a programmable logic controller, so you can easily check oxygen concentration levels inside the vacuum.

PureAire’s Oxygen Sensor Cell

Unlike other zirconium cells, which need a reference gas to provide readouts, the Trace Oxygen monitor can operate without a reference gas. The Current Limiting Zirconium Oxide Oxygen sensor is superior at detecting low levels of oxygen, and it can be used in environments that contain no oxygen, for instance 100 percent nitrogen environments. The oxygen cell in the trace Oxygen Monitor needs to calibration, no zero adjustments, and no span adjustments. An optional nitrogen or argon challenge can be conducted for peace of mind.

Trace O2 Monitor System Features

The Trace O2 Monitor comes in different configurations. Choose between the simple display-only monitor or a fully featured monitor that comes with user selectable alarms. No matter which display you choose, you’ll enjoy a sophisticated CPU, reliable performance, and peace of mind.

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