About Purity Gas

What we do

Nitrogen is one of the most commonly used industrial process gases in the world. Traditionally, nitrogen gas is purchased as a commodity from large multi-national gas companies and delivered to the customer's site via transport tanker truck. The customer is faced with very high costs for nitrogen, long term unfair supply contracts, and huge carbon footprint responsibility.

Purity Gas provides turn-key technology that allows users to generate & store their own nitrogen gas supply right at their facility - for typically 90% less cost than buying nitrogen the traditional way. Users also achieve a significant reduction of their company's carbon footprint. Our technology eliminates the need to have nitrogen delivered via transport truck, and we skip the gas condensation process that requires huge amounts of electricity.

Why we do it

As co-founders, we share a passion for contributing to the success of other businesses, our economy and our environment. It's vitally important to us that our work has direct positive influence on these three things.

Nitrogen generation came as a perfect fit for our core business values:

● We get to work closely with great people at great companies

● We help them capture significant financial savings by implementing state-of-the-art technology

● We're modernizing & disrupting the archaic nitrogen gas industry, which has been largely unchanged and unchallenged for decades

● Our projects reduce carbon emissions right here in our own backyard by eliminating transport truck deliveries and the electricity required to create & store liquid nitrogen

● Most importantly, our projects create local jobs and economic prosperity. Our clients are reinvesting their savings back into their businesses; they're hiring more staff, increasing production volumes and becoming even more competitive on a global scale

Nitrogen generation is simply the answer to 'what we do' . What we're fiercely passionate about is the 'why we do it' . We absolutely love that we're at the leading edge of this fundamental industry shift. Share in our passion, and let's achieve great things together.

Chris Styles & Alan Hopkins
Co-founders of Purity Gas Inc.