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Making the transition from nitrogen delivery to nitrogen generation requires a partner with proven technology and experience.

At Purity Gas, nitrogen generation is all we do. Our NITROCENTER® systems are custom designed to your specific application requirements and facility and they’re engineered, installed and maintained by a specialized team committed to your satisfaction.

Purity Gas helps clients ranging from family-owned businesses to Fortune 500 companies to take complete control over their nitrogen supply.



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“I am very happy with Purity Gas’ problem-solving skills, technical aptitude and solution-driven approach that doesn’t default to replacing equipment unnecessarily. I highly recommend Purity Gas as a proficient and ethical vendor to anyone considering a nitrogen generation system or experiencing issues with their existing equipment.”

— Jim Demerling

Owner & Fabrication Manager, Demtool

Who we are — It’s about relationships.

Our vision is increased profitability, a safer workplace and a sustainable future for all nitrogen gas users — contributing to the success of other businesses, our economy and our environment. With integrity, innovation and teamwork as our core values, we bring out the best in each other to deliver the best solutions and service to our clients.



Chris Styles and Alan Hopkins, co-founders

In 2017, Chris Styles and Alan Hopkins left their senior management roles in the industrial energy efficiency sector to launch Purity Gas, Inc. — the first company in Canada with a dedicated focus on modular, high efficiency nitrogen gas generation systems.

The duo has received numerous industry awards and accolades for their work in conserving electricity in compressed gas systems within industrial facilities. Passionate about client education and the impact of nitrogen generation system design on electrical requirements, Chris and Alan are committed to continuously pushing the boundaries to create environmentally and economically sustainable solutions.


What we do — It’s client focused.

Purity Gas empowers nitrogen users to produce and store their own supply of high purity nitrogen gas, safely and efficiently. Our custom NITROCENTER® technology solutions typically save our clients 90% over traditional supply sources.

We serve clients in industries ranging from metal fabrication and processing to food and beverage production. Our solutions are engineered for applications like laser cutting, packaging, blanketing and virtually any application that requires nitrogen.


Why we do it — It’s the driving force.

Purity Gas was founded to challenge the aging and stagnant gas supply industry, where a decades-long lack of competition has led to complacency in innovation, cost competitiveness and customer service.

At Purity Gas, we’re invested in our clients’ success, contributing to their financial and operational goals. Our projects create local jobs and economic prosperity because our clients are hiring more staff, increasing production volume and scaling their businesses.


Companies that have made the switch to nitrogen generation with Purity Gas NITROCENTER®

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