Laser Cutting Nitrogen

The laser-grade nitrogen you need, when you need it — at a fraction of the cost

Cancel costly and unpredictable delivery services. Generate your own nitrogen that’s engineered exclusively for laser cutting with NITROCENTERⓇ

If you rely on nitrogen for laser cutting, it pays to make the switch to on-site nitrogen generation — for your business and the planet.

The NITROCENTER® system pays for itself in as little as six months and can be financed for a lower monthly payment than your existing monthly nitrogen expense. Plus, you’ll reduce environmental impact by eliminating the electrically demanding fractional distillation process and frequent deliveries to your facility by diesel transport trucks.


Case Study

See how this laser cutting operation reduced costs & increased dependability.


Reduce costs

Get up to 99.999% purity at the absolute lowest cost per m3 (or CCF) — an average of 90% savings* compared to traditional delivery. No more restrictive contracts or price fluctuations.


Control your nitrogen supply

Whether usage is low or high volume, your system will produce the right nitrogen for your specific application, how and when you need it. No more waste or missed deliveries.


Increase operational efficiency

A safe and reliable supply of nitrogen means a streamlined manufacturing process, maximum uptime and happier customers — for a healthier bottom line. No more production losses.

Clients who have ditched nitrogen delivery — for good

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“We purchased two nitrogen gas generation systems from Purity Gas, one for each facility. We used to need a bunch of help from job shops to keep up with our laser cutting needs, but since we’ve installed the Purity Gas NITROCENTER® systems, we’re keeping up nicely. All in all, it's been a great addition to our cutting department.”

— Ryan Frey

General Manager, Horst Welding

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“We have been doing business with Purity for the past five years and we have been completely satisfied with their performance. They are very punctual and professional and offer very competitive rates. Purity managed an In-house Nitrogen Generation System for our facility and since then, we have only expanded their scope of work each year.”

— Ben Van De Peer

Manufacturing Engineering Manager, Fischer Canada

Companies that have made the switch to nitrogen generation with Purity Gas NITROCENTER®

NITROCENTERⓇ meets the demanding flow, pressure and purity requirements for laser cutting.

Engineered exclusively for laser cutting

Fiber and CO2 laser cutting operators can generate a tailored supply of laser-grade nitrogen, configured to guarantee that cutting speed and quality are fully satisfied for every client.


Needs-based solutions

One size doesn’t fit all. Purity Gas is the only nitrogen generation system provider that assesses each client individually — so you get the ideal system configuration.


Our laser cutting NITROCENTER® systems are based on pressure swing adsorption (PSA) technology and centered around two design principles to offer cost-reducing options for low-volume and high-volume nitrogen users.

Below are the typical parameters for each principle. Every client is unique and your NITROCENTER® is always customized to your needs.

Design Principle

High-Pressure Storage

Generates nitrogen during no or low laser use

Mid-Pressure On-Demand

Generates nitrogen as the laser requires it

Laser Operation

Less than 12 hrs/day

More than 12 hrs/day

Nitrogen Volume

Under 100,000 m3/year

Over 100,000 m3/year

Nitrogen Pressure

High: 4,500 psig, stored, regulated to laser requirement

Mid: up to 450 psig, as needed, regulated to laser requirement

Built for your facility

Your NITROCENTER® can be installed inside or outside your building. Our experienced project managers will work with your team to determine an ideal location and provide 3D renderings to visualize the layout and configuration. Systems are expandable and scalable to meet the evolving needs of your business.


Purity Gas — Bringing your NITROCENTERⓇ project to life

Whether you use nitrogen for laser cutting, other metal fabrication and processing applications or rely on a steady supply of nitrogen for food and beverage manufacturing, the NITROCENTER® system is configured to your purity, location and other usage specifications.

Step 1


How is your business consuming nitrogen gas — and how much can you gain by going tankless? You’ll get clear answers to these questions through a simple assessment or a comprehensive nitrogen audit — whichever makes sense for your business.


Step 2


We collaborate with you to engineer a solution that’s specifically designed for your facility and application using a pressure swing adsorption (PSA) or membrane separation technology. Installation can be inside or outside your building.


Step 3


Our consultative approach means you’ll have access to a dedicated Project Manager to support logistics, technical drawings and edits, contractor relations, commissioning, and post-implementation maintenance plans.


Step 4


Once your system is built, our team gets to work packaging, shipping and coordinating logistics. Highly specialized technicians head to your facility for installation and commissioning, ensuring your system is up and running safely and your people are fully trained.


Step 5


With proper maintenance, your NITROCENTER® system has an average lifespan of 20 years before it’s due for an upgrade or replacement. Affordable maintenance is factored into your annual nitrogen costs to ensure optimal performance and minimal disruption.


Ready to take complete control of your nitrogen supply?

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