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Purity Gas is the turn-key resource for engineering, sales and service of high purity nitrogen gas generation systems

Our turn-key solutions are designed to increase your profitability by eliminating the need to purchase over-priced nitrogen from the traditional sources. No more contracts or fees. No more hidden costs. No more expensive per unit gas pricing. Take full control of your company’s nitrogen gas supply.

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Purity Gas projects are engineered to significantly reduce the cost and carbon footprint of operating your business. With typical payback periods of 6 to 18 months, our projects quickly pay for themselves while contributing to a sustainable future for your business and our collective environment.

turnkey solutions


Purity Gas is committed to helping your company seamlessly transition from traditional nitrogen gas supply to generating your own nitrogen ‘in house.’ From project inception to project completion, Purity Gas supports you every step of the way.

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Purity Gas nitrogen generation systems are delivered inclusive of all scheduled maintenance for the manufacturer’s warranty period. We look after the service, so you can focus on running your business.

nitrogen system nano dryer boosterNitrogen gas is all around us – it makes up 78% of the atmospheric air that we breathe; our technology simply allows you to separate and concentrate the nitrogen molecules in the air. The process is on-demand, meaning you can generate as much or as little nitrogen gas as you require at any given time.

Purity Gas nitrogen generation systems utilize a specially-engineered Carbon Molecular Sieve (CMS) that adsorbs oxygen and other trace gas molecules, while allowing the nitrogen molecules to freely pass through. The result is a stable & reliable output of nitrogen gas with up to 99.999% purity. Simply connect your compressed air supply, and our technology will do the rest.

nitrogen profitabilityNitrogen supply contracts from traditional gas companies are typically expensive, have long commitment periods and include unfavorable terms for the customer. The final costs that end users pay include the massive overhead of operating a large-scale factory performing the nitrogen separation process, the cost to super-cool the nitrogen into liquid form, the cost to transport the liquid nitrogen to your site, and then the rental & maintenance costs of the equipment at your facility in which the liquid nitrogen is stored and warmed back up into a gaseous state before use. Then add a healthy profit margin for the gas company on top of all these costs, and you have your final cost per cubic meter of nitrogen gas.

Purity Gas will help you significantly reduce the costs of procuring your supply of nitrogen gas. Our nitrogen gas generation systems will allow you to generate your own nitrogen gas ‘in house’, at whatever purity and flow rate you require – reliably, safely and at a fraction of the per-unit cost of purchasing nitrogen from the traditional gas companies. With typical project payback periods of 6 to 18 months, our technology quickly pays for itself and adds significant value to your business. Own an asset on your balance sheet that generates real profit for your business, instead of a never-ending, always-increasing gas supply contract.

nitrogen emissionsThe process of super-cooling nitrogen into liquid form, maintaining those super-cold temperatures to maintain the nitrogen in liquid form, and then transporting the liquid nitrogen via transport truck to customer sites are all massively energy intensive – and all contributing to your company’s carbon footprint.

In a modern manufacturing world, reducing carbon footprint & emissions for many companies is as important as reducing overhead dollars. Purity Gas works with forward-thinking companies to achieve both simultaneously. Once the nitrogen generation system is installed, the only energy required to produce nitrogen gas is the electricity consumed by the air compressor which feeds compressed air to the nitrogen generator. No large-scale factory overhead. No super-cooling. No transport trucks. Just a significant reduction in your company’s carbon footprint and contribution to greenhouse gas emissions.

pure nitrogenOne of the most common questions we’re asked is whether nitrogen from a generator is as ‘pure’ as nitrogen delivered in liquid form from the gas companies. The answer is unequivocally YES! Nitrogen is not created – it is simply separated and concentrated from the air we breathe. Whether you purchase your nitrogen from the gas company, or whether you generate your own nitrogen – you are getting the same nitrogen molecules for your process. Purity Gas nitrogen generation systems are engineered to deliver a constant supply of nitrogen at the exact purity your application requires, ranging from 95% to 99.999%.

employee safetyAn often overlooked benefit to generating your own nitrogen is the improved safety characteristics of an in-house nitrogen generation system compared to traditional gas sources. When purchased in bulk liquid form, nitrogen gas is at a temperature of around -195C which is cold enough to cause serious injuries to anyone exposed to the liquid in the event of an accident or malfunction. Alternatively, purchasing nitrogen gas in cylinder form typically means moving and storing cylinders pressurized at over 3,000psi. In the event of an accident or malfunction, the energy released by a 3,000psi cylinder can be catastrophic.

Generating your own Nitrogen gas supply in-house eliminates the risks associated with liquid and high-pressure cylinder nitrogen. Purity Gas nitrogen generation systems produce safe ‘low pressure’ nitrogen gas in pressures ranging from 70psi to 200psi, depending on your application needs. For applications requiring up to 500psi, we have booster pump solutions which reliably and safely increase your nitrogen gas supply pressure.

No contractsAnyone who has purchased gas from the big gas companies knows the frustration of being locked in to long term, unfavorable supply contracts. Minimum charges, rental fees, high per-unit nitrogen rates, evaporation waste, auto-renewing contracts, annual price increases, the list goes on. Unlike most of your utilities (electricity, water and natural gas to name a few), you actually have the ability to control the costs & efficiency of your nitrogen gas supply. Make nitrogen gas contracts a thing of the past for your business.

Financing & Leasing Solutions

Purity Gas offers competitive financing and leasing terms for every system we sell. Ask us how we can custom-tailor a financing package for your business, where the monthly cost savings of generating your own nitrogen offsets the lease or finance payment of your new nitrogen generation system.

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