It’s time to go tankless.

Generate your own nitrogen gas for a fraction of the cost with NITROCENTER®

Take complete control over your nitrogen gas supply for greater efficiency — and pennies on the dollar.

Moving past trucks and tanks

For decades, commercial and industrial nitrogen users have had little choice but to rely on third-party delivery services to supply nitrogen in pressurized cylinders, liquid dewars or bulk liquid tanks. The status quo is expensive, unreliable and harmful to the environment.


When your business needs nitrogen, it pays to produce it.

With a Purity Gas NITROCENTER® system, you’ll never have to deal with price increases, missed deliveries or health and safety hazards ever again. Our experts design, install and maintain industry-focused nitrogen generation systems that meet your specific application requirements.


Get up to 99.999% nitrogen purity with a nitrogen system that can deliver ROI in as little as 6 months.

Why Nitrogen Generation with Purity Gas?

It's literally all we do.


Realize exceptional ROI

Your NITROCENTER® system pays for itself in as little as six months and can be financed for a lower monthly payment than your existing monthly nitrogen expense.


Profit from unmatched pricing

Generate nitrogen gas in-house and on-demand for the absolute lowest cost per m3 (or CCF). Our clients see up to 90% savings compared to traditional delivery.


Reduce environmental impact

Eliminate the electrically demanding fractional distillation process and frequent deliveries by diesel transport trucks to your facility.


Get up & running fast

You’ll know if nitrogen generation works for your business in days — not months. And you can have a custom system on your doorstep in as little as a week.


Experience outstanding service

Nitrogen gas generation is our only focus so you can trust our expert team to engineer a solution that meets your precise requirements.


Ensure health & safety

Eliminate the dangerous work of handling high-pressure gas cylinders and working with -196°C liquid nitrogen.

Companies that have made the switch to nitrogen generation with Purity Gas NITROCENTER®

What our clients are saying

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“Purity Gas provided a full-service solution, and was able to drive our project with engineering expertise. This has resulted in significant savings.The solution, support, and professionalism has been the reason we are a repeat buyer, and will continue to be with our future expansion plans. The nitrogen savings has fueled further projects, and we expect that to continue and allow us to invest further into our operations.”

— Jamal Ahmed

Operations Director, Super-Pufft Snacks Corp

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“Purity Gas has been a reliable partner and is the clear expert in their niche field of nitrogen gas generation. We canceled our bulk gas contract, eliminating all future purge loss, frequent deliveries to our plant and ongoing price increases. They completed an expansion quickly and without any downtime or disruption in the plant. We instantly doubled our nitrogen production and savings overnight.”

— Brian Heins

General Manager, Integrated Metal Products

The nitrogen you need, when you need It

Whether you use nitrogen for laser cutting, other metal fabrication and processing applications or rely on a steady supply of nitrogen for food and beverage manufacturing, the NITROCENTER® system is configured to your usage specifications.

Step 1


How is your business consuming nitrogen gas — and how much can you gain by going tankless? You’ll get clear answers to these questions through a simple assessment or a comprehensive nitrogen audit — whichever makes sense for your business.


Step 2


We collaborate with you to engineer a solution that’s specifically designed for your facility and application using a pressure swing adsorption (PSA) or membrane separation technology. Installation can be inside or outside your building.


Step 3


Our consultative approach means you’ll have access to a dedicated Project Manager to support logistics, technical drawings and edits, contractor relations, commissioning, and post-implementation maintenance plans.


Step 4


Once your system is built, our team gets to work packaging, shipping and coordinating logistics. Highly specialized technicians head to your facility for installation and commissioning, ensuring your system is up and running safely and your people are fully trained.


Step 5


With proper maintenance, your NITROCENTER® system has an average lifespan of 20 years before it’s due for an upgrade or replacement. Affordable maintenance is factored into your annual nitrogen costs to ensure optimal performance and minimal disruption.


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