Nitrogen Generation

The Economical and Eco-Friendly Alternative to Traditional Nitrogen Delivery

Find out if nitrogen generation makes sense for your business.

What is nitrogen generation?

Nitrogen gas generation is a process that separates and captures the nitrogen molecules in the air, while disposing of the oxygen and trace gases. NITROCENTER® is a nitrogen generation system that delivers nitrogen on-demand, engineered to your application requirements.


The benefits of on-site nitrogen generation

Each industry and application will require varying nitrogen concentration levels, referred to as "purity." The ability to control purity, along with pressure and volume, is what drives rapid ROI.

  • Save up to 90% vs. traditional delivery
  • Reduce electricity consumption
  • Stop frequent diesel truck deliveries
  • Achieve ROI in as little as six months
  • Eliminate safety risks from handling liquid nitrogen and gas cylinders
  • Control your own nitrogen supply

Nitrogen generation that works for you

On-site nitrogen gas generation can be achieved through pressure swing absorption (PSA), or membrane separation technology. Purity Gas can deploy both, and the technology used is largely dependent on the purity required for your application.

A. Pressure Swing Absorption (PSA)

How it works: PSA systems use a carbon molecular sieve (CMS) and absorption principles to separate the nitrogen molecules from a compressed air supply.

Ideal for: High-flow applications requiring 95% - 99.999% nitrogen purity.

Key Features

  • Self-regenerating, i.e., cleanses itself of oxygen and trace gas impurities without human interaction
  • Modular technology allows for expansion and scalability
  • Advanced energy saving controls
  • Modbus, Profibus, Ethernet communications
  • Multiple installation options

    • Indoor: floor-mounted or skid-mounted
    • Outdoor: custom weatherproof HVAC controlled enclosure

NITROCENTER® systems based on PSA technology are centered around two design principles: High-Pressure Storage or On-Demand Generation, to offer cost-reducing options for low-volume and high-volume nitrogen users.

Below are the typical parameters for each principle. Every client is unique and your NITROCENTER® is always customized to your needs.


Design Principle

High-Pressure Storage

On-Demand Generation

How It Works

Generates nitrogen during no or low production use

Generates nitrogen as the process requires it

Nitrogen Pressure

High: Stored at 4,500 psig and regulated to the process requirement

Low / Mid: As needed up to 450 psig and regulated to the process requirement

Nitrogen Consumption

Less than 12 hrs/day

More than 12 hrs/day

B. Membrane Separation

How it works: Membrane systems use hollow fiber tubes and selective permeation to separate the nitrogen molecules from a compressed air supply.

Ideal for: Low-flow applications requiring 95%-99.5% nitrogen purity.

Key features:

  • Compact design
  • Virtually silent during operation
  • Convenient installation: wall or floor mounting
  • Budget conscious alternative

Nitrogen Generators vs. Nitrogen Generation Systems

A quick web search will display dozens of nitrogen generators for sale. These out-of-the-box products are just one component of an entire system. A nitrogen generation system not only contains all of the required components, but it’s designed as a cohesive solution that meets your technical requirements.

Purity Gas takes nitrogen gas generation to the next level. As your integration partner, we’re committed to customizing a system that maximizes ROI — bringing nitrogen generation down to the lowest possible cost.


Poor nitrogen system design can increase capital cost and cost of ownership by up to 800%.

How to select the right nitrogen generation provider

Just because your business consumes nitrogen doesn’t make on-site nitrogen generation a wise investment. A reputable nitrogen generation manufacturer will offer an initial assessment or comprehensive nitrogen audit to determine feasibility.


Key considerations when evaluating a nitrogen generation provider

Does the provider offer …

  • Analysis of your current nitrogen usage?
  • Technology and viability recommendations?
  • The payback period and annual ROI of a system?
  • Estimated carbon footprint reduction?
  • A more detailed nitrogen audit?

Frequently Asked Questions

We’ll conduct a simple assessment or more comprehensive nitrogen audit that will review your consumption and reveal what you’ll gain by making the switch.
Your NITROCENTERⓇ system is custom built to your specific application, and in collaboration with you. Unlike out-of-the-box systems, your solution generates the specific purity (95% - 99.999%), pressure and flow required for your application.
Our consultative approach means you’ll have access to a dedicated Project Manager for logistics, technical drawings and edits, contractor relations, commissioning, and post-implementation maintenance plans. We collaborate with you to engineer a solution that’s specifically designed for your facility and application based on a pressure swing adsorption (PSA) system for high-flow or a membrane system for low-flow.
The nitrogen generation system can be installed inside or outside of your building and will be configured to suit your space requirements. Highly specialized technicians head to your facility for installation and commissioning, ensuring your system is up and running safely and your people are fully trained.
Your custom NITROCENTERⓇ can be installed quickly depends on system design. Systems that require assembly on-site can be installed in a matter of days. Alternatively, our pre-assembled systems that simply require a mechanical and electrical connection can be up and running in hours.
We can adjust the purity level for a wide range of use cases, typically anywhere from 95% to 99.999%. Each industry, application and process requires varying purity levels, depending on the immediate and long term sensitivity to oxygen. We understand how much oxygen your process can tolerate and engineer a solution to deliver a customized purity for maximum ROI.
A NITROCENTER® system that’s properly maintained annually has an average lifespan of 20 years before an upgrade or replacement is required.
Purity Gas’ specialized technicians visit your facility for maintenance annually, semi-annually or quarterly (based on how often your system operates) ensuring optimal system performance. Affordable maintenance is factored into your annual nitrogen costs, .

Know — with certainty — if on-site nitrogen generation is right for your business.

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