Nitrogen AUDIT

Significantly reduce your nitrogen gas costs

NITROGEN Engineering Study

Purity Gas offers a comprehensive engineering study for high volume nitrogen gas users who are motivated to substantially reduce their nitrogen expenses, improve operational efficiency and contribute to global sustainability. Using calibrated instrumentation and state of the art live streaming technology, Purity Gas will measure your existing nitrogen usage profile (cylinder, liquid, or existing N2 generator) and create a baseline report, detailing the following information:
  • Nitrogen flow profile
  • Nitrogen pressure profile
  • Cost analysis
  • Purity analysis
  • CO2 emission
  • Air to N2 ratio (existing nitrogen generator users)

Using the baseline data, Purity Gas will model a high-efficiency, modular nitrogen gas generation system which is customized to your usage profile, installation criteria and desired outcomes. The system model and performance analysis will include:

  • Custom system design
  • Detailed performance model
  • Payback & ROI
  • Cost comparison analysis
  • Installation assessment
  • System rendering & drawings
  • Reduction in CO2 emission

Not Sure if an ENGINEERING STUDY is for you?

For nitrogen gas users who are not yet prepared to undertake a nitrogen engineering study, Purity Gas offers a preliminary assessment using information collected during 15 minute telephone call or site visit. We offer this service at no charge and will provide a formal evaluation to assist users in determining if on site nitrogen gas generation can help their business reduce costs and carbon emissions.

Nitrogen Usage audit