Purity Gas Nitrogen Audit

Is it time to take control of your nitrogen supply?

Find out if making the switch to on-site generation makes sense for your business.

We get it — change can be challenging.

That’s why Purity Gas offers a comprehensive nitrogen audit that takes a deep dive into your usage to determine whether investing in a NITROCENTERⓇ will provide bottom line benefits to your business. If you choose to invest in a system, the audit cost is deducted.


Is your business…

  • dependent on nitrogen?
  • unsure of peak nitrogen usage?
  • concerned with waste due to purge losses, boil-off and system leaks?
  • frustrated with nitrogen price fluctuations and long-term restrictive contracts?
  • struggling with production delays due to missed deliveries?

If you answered “yes” to any of the above questions, a nitrogen audit will give you the data you need to make an informed decision on nitrogen generation.

Clients Who Got Answers With a Nitrogen Audit

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“Purity Gas completed a nitrogen audit at both of our plants to qualify if using a nitrogen generation system could increase the efficiency of our laser cutting program. The detailed reports included the performance data and recommendations we needed to make a well-informed decision. Both systems are running well, and we certainly have noticed a massive increase in throughput!”

— Ryan Frey

General Manager, Horst Welding

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“Purity Gas was able to quickly assess our liquid nitrogen gas usage and determined the appropriate technology needed to replace our need for liquid nitrogen. They identified significant savings potential. If you choose to work with Purity Gas, you’ll be in good hands.”

— Darren McNair

President, Carbon Steel Profiles Ltd.

Companies that have made the switch to nitrogen generation with Purity Gas NITROCENTER®

Why Invest in a Nitrogen Audit

Purity Gas’ nitrogen audit unlocks your potential for savings and operational gains and provides you with a blueprint for a custom NITROCENTERⓇ.


Gain complete visibility into your nitrogen usage

We extract and make sense of the data so you understand every aspect of your nitrogen consumption.


Evaluate a system that’s sized precisely to your needs

We present one solution — yours — removing the risk of overbuying a nitrogen generation system.


Trust a leader focused exclusively on nitrogen generation

We’ve helped hundreds of companies decide — with confidence — if a NITROCENTERⓇ is a good investment.

How the Purity Gas Nitrogen Audit Works

Step 1

Baseline Nitrogen Generation Report

The Purity Gas Nitrogen Audit uses calibrated instrumentation and state of the art data collection technology to measure your existing nitrogen usage profile — whether it’s from a cylinder, bulk liquid or existing nitrogen generator.

The Baseline Report details the following:

  • Nitrogen flow profile incl. peak and average demand
  • Nitrogen pressure profile
  • Application purity analysis
  • Cost analysis incl. waste and savings detail
  • Air to N2 ratio (for existing nitrogen generator users)

Step 2


Using the baseline data, Purity Gas will model a high-efficiency, modular nitrogen gas generation system which is customized to your usage profile, installation criteria and desired outcomes.

The system model and performance analysis includes:

  • Custom system design
  • Detailed performance model
  • Payback/ROI & cost reduction analysis
  • Installation assessment
  • System layout & drawings
  • Reduction in CO2 emission

Know — with certainty — if on-site nitrogen
generation is right for your business.

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