Oxygen Deficiency Monitors

Ensuring a safer working environment

When oxygen levels drop into the danger zone, having an oxygen deficiency monitor will save lives. Purity Gas offers the highest quality, highest performing line of oxygen deficiency monitors on the market — PureAire.

How does an oxygen deficiency monitor work?

An oxygen deficiency monitor is a device that continuously measures the amount of oxygen in the air, displays it in real-time and sounds the alarm when oxygen levels drop below a certain threshold. It’s a must-have in workspaces where low oxygen levels pose a risk to the health and safety of workers.


Why install an Oxygen Deficiency Monitor


Improve safety

Alerts when oxygen levels drop, allowing for immediate response to avoid respiratory hazards.


Bring peace of mind

Helps employees feel secure in the workplace, while reducing the risk of illnesses or accidents.


Achieve compliance

Ensures companies that use nitrogen, argon, helium and C02 meet regulatory agency requirements.


Track data

Allows users to monitor oxygen level trends and changes in levels over time through data logging capabilities.

The PureAire Difference


No maintenance

Most monitor manufacturers use consumable electro-chemical sensors, which typically require quarterly calibration by a skilled technician and complete replacement annually. Alternatively, PureAire uses zirconium sensors, which require zero maintenance, calibration, adjustment or testing for the monitor’s 10+ year life span.


Ready to use

All PureAire oxygen monitors are configured for use, right out of the box. Simply supply power, turn on the unit, and within four minutes the device will begin sampling oxygen levels which can be read in real-time on the digital display. All monitors are configured for connection to distributive control systems (DCS) and programmable logic controllers (PLC).


Built to last

PureAire oxygen deficiency monitors and analyzers are designed, built and tested in the USA and come with a 3-year warranty. They can be operated remotely by as much as 1,000 meters from the centralized control systems, offering ultimate ease of use and their zirconium sensor operates flawlessly in 55°C to -40°C temperatures.

All Monitors Feature

  • 10+ years no calibration sensor
  • 3 year warranty
  • No maintenance required
  • Plug & play set up out of the box
  • Built in CPU
  • Built in 90dB audible alarm
  • Dual level, user selectable alarm relay
  • Digital display, 4-20 mA analog output
  • Connects to SCADA and PLC controls
  • Equipped with 110/220v plug-in power supply
  • UL, C UL and CE Approvals

Oxygen Monitors


Oxygen Deficiency Monitor with 10+ Year Sensor

Item #: 99016


O2 Monitor with 10+ Year Remote Sensor

Item #: 99028


Sample Draw Oxygen Detector with 10+ Year Sensor

Item #: 99029


Dual O2/CO2 Monitor, 0-25% and 0-10,000ppm

Item #: 99039


Trace Oxygen Analyzer, KF25 0-1000ppm

Item #: 99097


Dual O2/CO2 Monitor, 0-25% and 0-50,000 ppm

Item #: 99143


KF25 0-25% Oxygen Deficiency Monitor for Vacuum and Gas Lines

Item #: 99035


IP67 Water Resistant Sample Draw Oxygen Monitor

Item #: 99118


Explosion Proof Oxygen Monitor with 10+ Year Sensor

Item #: 99020 Class I Enclosure
Item #: 99045 Class II Enclosure


Oxygen Deficiency Monitor for Glove Box with 10+ Year Sensor

Item #: 99021


IP67 Water Resistant Sample Draw Dual O2/CO2 Monitor with 10+ Year Sensor

Item #: 99127


Oxygen Deficiency Monitor with 10+ Year Sensor 0-30%

Item #: 99040


Water-Resistant Sample Draw Dual Oxygen (0-25%)/Carbon Dioxide (0-50,000 ppm) Monitor

Item #: 99188


Trace Oxygen Analyzer, KF25 0-100 ppm

Item #: 99197


Trace Oxygen Analyzer, KF25 0-10 ppm

Item #: 99201

Oxygen Monitor Accessories


Remote LED Horn & Strobe Alarm

Item #: 42002


Remote Digital Display and Alarm

Item #: 99091


8 Channel Programmable Controller

Item #: 99196

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