Metal Fabrication & Processing Nitrogen

Generate the nitrogen you need, when you need it at the lowest possible cost — with NITROCENTER Ⓡ

Our nitrogen gas generation system for laser cutting, plasma cutting, heat treating and aluminum degassing reduces nitrogen costs by an average of 90% versus bulk liquid or cylinder delivery.


Engineered for you

You won’t find our nitrogen solutions on Page 63 of a catalog. That’s because we custom design your system to meet the purity, pressure and flow requirements for your specific applications.


Nitrogen that makes sense

Ditch delivery for good — produce nitrogen for pennies on the dollar. Your system pays for itself in as little as six months and can be financed at the absolute lowest cost per m3 (or CCF).


Better for your business & the planet

Say goodbye to missed deliveries, price fluctuations and production losses. When you take control of your nitrogen supply, you optimize safer operations and minimize environmental impact.

See how this company expanded their output and reduced costs by 68.75%.


Clients who have made the switch to on-site nitrogen generation

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“Since installing the Purity Gas nitrogen generation system, we have reduced our nitrogen expense by over 80% and avoided four years of bulk liquid price increases. The cut quality and technical performance of the nitrogen generation system are excellent. As a company, Purity Gas has been a customer-oriented vendor that is highly responsive”

— Peter Hohendorn

Vice President, Dieters Accessories

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“Life before a nitrogen system was tough. We were constantly losing 4-6 hours a week simply due to no nitrogen in our tanks. When the truck eventually did show up, it would take our lasers down for 30 minutes and heavily impact our delivery time and lead times. Purity made the transition easy to understand, no down time and easy to operate.”

— Harmon Gill

Operations Manager, The Peelle Company

Companies that have made the switch to nitrogen generation with Purity Gas NITROCENTER®

On-site Nitrogen Generation for the Metal Fabrication and Processing Industry


Plasma Cutting Nitrogen


Heat Treating Nitrogen


Aluminum Degassing Nitrogen


Additive Manufacturing Nitrogen

Purity Gas — The Industry Leader in Nitrogen Generation Solutions

For decades, businesses had little choice but to purchase nitrogen gas from industrial gas suppliers — dealing with price fluctuations, missed deliveries and restrictive contracts. We choose to challenge the status quo — delivering solutions that help our clients save an average of 90% in nitrogen costs, while reducing their environmental impact. At Purity Gas, nitrogen gas generation is all we do. And we’re proud to contribute to our clients’ business success and the sustainability of our planet.


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