The Challenge

Solving problems for today and tomorrow; the major challenge at hand for a rapidly growing business. Whether considering real estate needs, production equipment, shift capacity, or any other business operator’s dilemma, how do you prepare for what is required now and allow future expansion without having to abandon the original solution? At Purity Gas, we’ve had the opportunity to see first hand how modular nitrogen generation systems can efficiently solve the problems of today, while providing an infinitely scalable opportunity for effortless expansion in the future.

When researching nitrogen gas generation technology, it’s often overlooked that the ‘nitrogen generator’ itself, is not a system. A nitrogen generator is a piece of equipment that works within a system, no different than a motor in a car. A nitrogen generator requires supporting inputs and components to operate, such as compressed air, purification, controls, storage, booster compressors, condensate management equipment and assembly materials, just to name a few. It’s the intimate understanding and expert integration of many independent components that turn an idle nitrogen generator into a working, cost saving nitrogen gas generation system, and efficiency is the name of the game.

When planning for a nitrogen system, there are typically three approaches to system design.

  • Size the system for today and deal with a complicated ‘rip and replace’ retrofit later.
  • Size the system for the future and compromise on efficiency, maintenance and operating costs while growing into the system.
  • Apply a dynamic approach to system design.  Correctly size the system for today, with a profile and control strategy that allows for future expansion without the original installation ever becoming obsolete.

We live in the latter.

Our Approach

In 2018 Purity Gas worked with a progressive laser cutting facility who was in search of a cost reducing nitrogen gas generation system to replace their bulk liquid nitrogen supply. The client was running four fiber lasers and in the planning stages of adding a fifth, 10 kW fiber laser, but the final decision to purchase the fifth laser was hanging in the balance. The plant was ready to onboard a nitrogen generation system and start reducing costs, but considerations had to be made to efficiently scale the nitrogen production if they were to add the fifth laser. The project had to meet the needs of an uncertain expansion, without disrupting the economics and value of the project today. The Purity Gas Project Engineering team relied on modular nitrogen generation technology to design an efficient and sustainable solution for the client.

Phase 1: 2018 First Installation

The Project Engineering team conducted a thorough nitrogen usage analysis and measured the plant’s existing nitrogen consumption along with the production schedule, laser cutting equipment and materials being processed. Upon completion, the final design would allow the customer to install a modular nitrogen gas generation system for today and tomorrow, without any short or long term financial compromise. When the plant was ready to purchase their 10kW fiber laser, they could seamlessly install an expansion module to the original installation which would double their nitrogen output to the lasers. All valving, control strategy, installation details and pricing were predetermined so the customer could make an informed decision for today and tomorrow without any down time or lost production during the integration of phase two.

Phase 2: 2020 Expansion Project

In 2020 the client decided to purchase the 10kW fiber laser and concurrently turned to Purity Gas to support the increased nitrogen demand associated with the production growth. The nitrogen generator was placed and installed in the predetermined location within the system (which was identified in 2018) and connected into the existing valving system. Overnight, the facility was able to double their nitrogen output, double down on their savings associated with nitrogen generation and instantly add 50% redundancy to the system by way of operating a two module system.

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Case Summary

The success of the project was anchored by truly understanding the clients short and long term needs and ensuring no costs were wasted through the journey. By undergoing a nitrogen usage assessment and discovery, Purity Gas was able to successfully provide a solution that set the client up for short and long-term success.

Project Details: Nitrogen Gas Generation System for Laser Cutting

System design, equipment supply, installation, commissioning and project management provided by Purity Gas Inc

Phase 1, 2018

  • ONE, PSA nitrogen gas generator module

  • ONE, 20hp nitrogen booster compressor

  • ONE, compressed air storage tank

  • ONE, low pressure nitrogen buffer tank

  • ONE, high pressure nitrogen storage tank

  • Compressed air and nitrogen inline filtration

  • Condensate management system and drains
  • Mechanical installation
  • Electrical connections
  • TSSA registration and submittals
  • System Commissioning

Phase 2: 2020

  • ONE, PSA nitrogen gas generator expansion module (50% redundancy added)

  • ONE, low pressure nitrogen buffer tank

  • ONE, high pressure nitrogen storage tank

  • Compressed air and nitrogen inline filtration
  • Condensate management system and drains
  • Mechanical installation
  • Electrical connections
  • TSSA registration and submittals
  • Expansion commissioning and optimization

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