Laboratory Nitrogen Generation

Stop nitrogen delivery and produce your own nitrogen for unparalleled savings — with NITROCENTERⓇ

Our nitrogen gas generation system for laboratory applications provides the highest quality nitrogen, engineered to meet your needs, at the lowest price.


The nitrogen you need, when you need it

When you have specific nitrogen flow, pressure and purity requirements, a one-size-fits-all nitrogen generator won’t measure up. That’s why we custom design your NITROCENTER®, whether it’s based on pressure swing adsorption (PSA) or a membrane system.


The affordable and sustainable choice

A safe and reliable nitrogen supply is essential to your operations. NITROCENTER® produces nitrogen at the lowest cost per m3 (or CCF) — paying for itself in as little as six months. And for every delivery truck off the road, you’re reducing harmful CO2 emissions.


Improving operational efficiency

Delivery mix-ups can lead to costly production losses. When you’re completely reliant on third-party delivery services, you’re also dealing with price volatility and restrictive contracts. Take complete control over your nitrogen supply for a healthier bottom line.

What our clients are saying

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“We have been very satisfied with our Purity Gas Nitrogen Generator. It has been very reliable and has made our lives much easier at our R&D lab. No more having to haul bottles and dewars around our facility. No more worrying about running out of nitrogen in the middle of the night and ruining an experiment in progress. Logistical planning around reordering nitrogen every week has become a thing of the past.”

— Trent Slichter

Development Engineer, Global Thermostat

Superior nitrogen generation for laboratory applications




Gloves Boxes


Sample Evaporators


Fume Hoods


NMR Spectroscopy

Purity Gas — Nitrogen generation is all we do

We combine our pioneering NITROCENTER® system with a collaborative, proven process to bring your custom nitrogen generation solution for lab applications to life. From initial nitrogen assessment and comprehensive nitrogen audit through to system design, installation and maintenance, we’re committed to client satisfaction every step of the way.


Ready to take complete control of your nitrogen supply?

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