Buying a Nitrogen Generation System? Here’s What You Need to Know….

Now presumably, if you are reading this, you have already determined that onsite nitrogen generation is a viable move for your operation. Purchasing any equipment is a task that should be dealt with carefully, and with diligence. It’s always important to ensure that capital is being allocated to the right places that provide the most value.

Buying a nitrogen generation system is no different. Perhaps this diligence is even more important because frankly, it’s probably the first time you’ve ever bought one.

The process will undoubtedly involve a couple of questions that come up prior to, and while engaging with vendors:

  • Why do I need/want a nitrogen generator?
  • How do I buy a nitrogen generator?
  • Where do I buy a nitrogen generator?


Cost benefits, control of supply, and/or sustainability benefits are clear to you. But that doesn’t mean that the Why shouldn’t play a role in your buying journey.It is important to work with partners that can provide substance to these benefits. Perhaps an ROI/Payback calculation, cost comparisons between the cost to generate and the cost to buy, carbon footprint implications/benefits, can all be meaningfully, and accurately determined. Ensure that you are getting that service from the vendor you are working with. That level of expertise, interest, and investment can provide clues to their level of commitment to your success, in addition to theirs.


Do a little research, sure. But don’t go it alone. Your business is not nitrogen generation. Nitrogen is something you use. Let someone guide you, ask you the right questions, perhaps provide some answers to what your needs are, or what your industry demands. Back to the point about this being your first nitrogen generation system. It’s (presumably) not the vendors’ first. They might be able to provide some great insight as to the purity level you need (at least anecdotally), or the flow calculations, or pressure expectations. By involving an expert early, you will be far better equipped at decision-making time.

When selecting who to speak to about this, make sure they are experts (see next paragraph). Someone who is focussed on nitrogen, or better yet, “all in” on nitrogen. There are numerous dealers out there, that while they are fully capable of providing excellent customer service, and expertise on certain components, it’s lofty to expect them to be the expert you need, on such a specialized system.

Where to Buy a Nitrogen Generation System?

Again, focus on partnering with an expert. For that reason, work with someone who will work with you in a consultative, and collaborative manner. At the end of the process, you are going to have to be the subject matter expert in your company, so learn everything you can along the way.

Nitrogen generators are complex systems and extend beyond the generator. Ensure you understand the purpose, and value of each individual component that you are buying as a part of the system. It is fair to expect that the group providing you with the system understands all of the components, their value, and the rationale behind their selection.

Understanding the purpose and relationship between feed air compressor, dryer, nitrogen generator, storage vessels, filtration, etc, all will ensure that you are “eyes wide open” when it comes to where your capital is going.

The buying process should be positive. It should also be an educational, informational, and guided journey. The why, how, and where are here as a starting point. Help yourself by not “going alone” on the buying journey. It will ensure the best possible outcome, the long-term success of the system, and realizing the best possible ROI you deserve. This technology can and will provide benefits to your organization. Maximize them.

We have designed many systems for use in various industries so we can confidently say that each application is different and requires a unique solution. We also offer preventative maintenance services across North America. Please see our case studies and contact us for more information.