Power Generation

Significantly reduce your nitrogen gas costs

Nitrogen Purity 95% – 99%

Nitrogen Generators

The power generation industry relies on nitrogen gas to prevent corrosion in boilers and create a safe working environment when working on natural gas lines.

Pressurizing boilers with nitrogen during down time or maintenance intervals is a low cost way to minimize boiler corrosion and maximize service life. Proper boiler layup and applying nitrogen gas to the process can help eliminate corrosion, oxygen pitting of the heat recovery steam generator and assist in trouble free boiler start up.

Nitrogen is also used to purge natural gas lines during repair or service work, as a means of displacing the oxygen and removing the risk of a fire or explosion.  

Pressurizing dry running mechanical gas seals with nitrogen as an alternative to natural gas can offer a safer working environment when considering lubricant gases for non contacting seals.


Due to the low nitrogen purity requirements for power generation, nitrogen gas generators provide a rapid payback of 6 to 18 months and a 90% reduction in nitrogen expenses.


Boiler layup

Purging gas lines

Pressurizing Gas Seals