PureAire Oxygen Deficiency Monitors


Did you know that many of the standard lab and industrial gases you’re using every day are classified as simple asphyxiants? That they can cause serious injury or death if a leak were to go unnoticed? If you’re utilizing inert gases within your facility, including nitrogen, CO2, argon, helium or others, it’s critical that you have a PureAire oxygen deficiency monitor installed.

In the event of a leak, inert gases will quickly displace oxygen within an enclosed environment. As inert gases are colorless and odorless, actively monitoring the ambient oxygen level where people are working is critical. Having a PureAire oxygen monitoring system in place allows for early detection and warning of a dangerous low oxygen condition, allowing people to safely evacuate the area.

In many areas of the USA, local building and fire codes mandate that oxygen deficiency monitors must be installed wherever inert gases are used or stored. This includes university laboratories, industrial manufacturers and food processors. Canadian building codes do not yet mandate the use of oxygen monitors; therefore the onus falls on the company or institution using inert gases to ensure that all reasonable steps are taken to ensure the safety of employees and students.

To compliment our nitrogen generation systems and industrial gas supply services, Purity Gas distributes across Canada the complete line of PureAire maintenance-free oxygen deficiency monitors. Designed, built and tested in the USA, PureAire’s oxygen deficiency monitors are the highest performing and most reliable product on the market.

Impressive List of Clients Using PureAire Oxygen Monitors

Many of North America’s largest and most revered names are using PureAire oxygen monitors, including NASA, Harvard, Health Canada, University of Waterloo, Tesla Motors and many more.

Maintenance-Free Zirconium Oxide Sensor

The heart of each PureAire monitor is the zirconium oxide sensor, which provides a 10+ year life span and requires no calibration or maintenance. Simply connect the PureAire monitor to a power source and it automatically turns on and begins monitoring the oxygen level within the room it’s installed – no further setup or interaction is required. PureAire monitors operate reliably from -40C to +55C, and are suitable for use in cryogenic and industrial freezers.

Other monitors on the Canadian market are utilizing electro-chemical sensors which wear out in the presence of oxygen. This means the end user must have a trained technician re-calibrate the sensor every 3 months and replace the sensor every 12 to 24 months. Electro-chemical sensors are also sensitive to barometric pressure changes (such as during a thunderstorm), which can result in the sensor not performing as intended. Oxygen sensors requiring routine maintenance and rebuilding are simply not feasible for many applications such as laboratories, universities and colleges, and food processing facilities.

Each PureAire monitor comes standard with a 24VAC power supply, integrated ultra-loud 90dB alarm and 4-20mA output for connection to remote monitoring systems. Each monitor is CUL approved for use in Canada, and is backed by a 3 year manufacturer warranty. Optional accessories include 110v power adapters, remote LED displays, and external horns and strobe lights.

Many monitor configurations are available to fit virtually any application. View them all at here.

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