Here’s the scenario. Your nitrogen gas is currently supplied in pressurized cylinders and you’re fed up with the cost, safety hazards and flat out hassle, of not so simply managing them. Consider on site nitrogen generation as a saviour to your pain points. Installing a nitrogen generator can increase profit, create a safer working environment and improve operational efficiency.


Increase Profits with Nitrogen Generation

Pressurized cylinders are typically the most expensive way to procure nitrogen gas. To add insult to injury, the last 15% of the cylinder is completely unusable, yet you’ve paid for the whole thing. It’s a never ending supply expense, at the highest possible rate. In addition, consider the annual internal labour expense for purchasing, receiving, paying for, returning and replacing cylinders on a regular and ongoing basis. Unfortunately, there is no end in sight with this inefficient and expensive supply method.

The fact is, you CAN eliminate this expense. You can generate your own nitrogen on site, for a fraction of the cost. We are breathing 78% nitrogen, with every breath we take. Nitrogen generators simply remove oxygen and trace gasses from the air and concentrate nitrogen to a desired purity, ranging from 95% to 99.999%. No more waste, with an end in sight!

Now, lets talk about buying your nitrogen generator. Capital equipment comes with a cost and an upfront purchase, which may not be in the cards for everyone, I get it. However, financing the equipment is a great option for immediately lowering your monthly nitrogen costs, without a large, upfront expense. Often, a short term “lease to own” plan will have lower monthly finance payments then your existing monthly cylinder expense. You’re winning in your first month and at the end of the lease term, you own the equipment outright!

Nitrogen generation is great a way to remove an expense, increase profit and contribute to your company’s sustainability.

Make Your Nitrogen Supply Safe

Does a pressurized cylinder of nitrogen at 2200 psig sound safe? I didn’t think so. Maneuvering these cylinders, changing them regularly and storing them at your facility, requires careful transport and safety compliance. If you’ve lugged one of these around before, you know the pain and nuisance to which I’m referring. What if an accident did occur in a lab or small production area? The hazard and brute force of 2200 psig is enough to make you shiver. In addition, the nitrogen would expel from the cylinder at such a rapid rate, that asphyxiation becomes a frightening threat.Nitrogen generators simply connect to 120V power supply and your existing compressed air line. Now you’re ready to use your nitrogen gas, which is held in a low pressure receiver tank and supplied on demand.

Improve Efficiency and Take Control


Pressurized cylinders are a hassle, just ask anyone who uses them. To start the cycle, one of your purchasing agents will place an order for a pressurized cylinder, with a local supplier. Once ordered, cylinders need to be delivered, received, processed and paid for. They need to be stored safely, installed for use and changed regularly. Once you drain your supply, it’s time to rinse and repeat. It sounds like fun, doesn’t it? Surprise time – what happens when the driver misses a delivery? From my experience, it looks like downtime and an emergency order. Sounds like even more fun for everyone involved…

On site nitrogen generation eliminates these pain points and inefficiencies. Pay for the equipment, once. Connect electricity, once. Connect a compressed air line, once. Enjoy your endless supply of nitrogen.

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