The Challenge

The use of nitrogen gas during boiler layup is essential for system longevity and dependability. Creating a nitrogen blanket within the boiler during down time or maintenance intervals will maximize service life by eliminating corrosion, oxygen pitting of the heat recovery steam generator and assist in trouble free start up.

A food and beverage producer in Central Canada depends on reliable boiler operation to satisfy demanding daily production schedules. Due to the logistical complexity of the boiler location, which resides on the eighth floor of the building, the client was previously unable to create a nitrogen enriched environment to protect the boiler when not in use. The client wanted to protect their asset from oxygen related degradation during down time and ensure a timely start up, every time. Transporting high pressure cylinders, or installing a bulk liquid nitrogen tank with a nitrogen supply line to the boiler was evaluated, but it was operationally demanding and cost prohibitive. The client was also concerned about the occupational health and safety risks associated with frequently transporting pressurized cylinders up and down many flights of stairs and across grating walkways. The client was in search of a safe, low cost and operationally sustainable solution to their expensive and ever growing boiler maintenance concerns.

Our Approach

Purity Gas worked with the client to design a compact, nitrogen gas generation system that could reliably deliver the volume nitrogen gas needed to pressurize the boiler at 99.9% nitrogen purity.

After detailed consult with the client, we developed a solution in which the system could be installed on the eighth floor of the building and in close proximity to the boiler, minimizing long piperuns and intrusive tie ins within the plant’s utilities. The plant’s existing, centralized compressed air system had excess capacity available, so instead of installing a dedicated air compressor within the nitrogen generation system, we utilized an existing compressed air line from the main header to supply compressed air to the inlet of nitrogen system. In order to ensure optimum air quality was met, we installed a process dedicated point of use compressed air purification system prior to the inlet of the nitrogen generation equipment, ensuring that our compressed air quality needs were met to sustain long term system performance.

Using the excess capacity of the existing compressed air system allowed us to reduce the capital cost of the nitrogen generation system, improving the payback period for the client and ensuring that the solution was resourcefully cost efficient, without compromise. Since commissioning the system in 2017, the client has safely received an unlimited and uninterrupted supply of high purity nitrogen gas and increased productivity as a result.



Cost Reduction



Payback Period



Eliminated Annually

Case Summary

Our nitrogen gas generation systems offer a tailored solution to the application and can provide substantial savings for both existing nitrogen users, and future users seeking optimum conditions for boiler layup. Due to our compact system profile, we were able to be creative with the installation and the client is now safely supplying nitrogen to the boiler when required, which was previously deemed an inaccessible area.

Project Details: Nitrogen Gas Generation System for Boiler Layup

System design, equipment supply, installation, commissioning and project management provided by Purity Gas Inc.

  • ONE, point of use compressed air dryer

  • ONE, PSA nitrogen gas generator module

  • ONE, compressed air storage tank

  • ONE, nitrogen storage tank

  • Compressed air and nitrogen inline filtration
  • Condensate management system and drains
  • Mechanical installation, including boiler tie in and valving system
  • Electrical connections
  • TSSA registration and submittals

A Few Words from Our Client…

“Purity Gas professionally managed the system specification, transportation logistics and complete mechanical installation of the nitrogen system. The project was completed on time and on budget, with excellent communication and professionalism from Purity Gas.

We are fully satisfied with both the nitrogen generation system, and Purity Gas Inc’s service support since the system was installed.”

– Chief Powerhouse Engineer

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